Superior Lily 48cm

Superior Lily 48cm

Your guests have been looking forward to this special day for a long time. Everything has to be absolutely perfect, and it will be!! Your guests can expect total opulence and with our new Superior Lily 48 cm napkin, you are not only providing them with the look and feel of linen, but the luxurious size of it as well. Quality truly has a new dimension.


lily white_02



  • ·New extra-large size
  • ·Total linen feel
  • ·None of the linen draw backs
  • ·Cost-effective
  • ·Hygienic
  • ·No laundering involved
  • ·No starching
  • ·Always in perfect shape
  • ·Perfect colours everyday


Chem-Pack Supplies have now formulated their own Extra Heavy Duty 82L white garbage bag

82L Food Grade Liner

400 Bags per carton on handy rolls 28um Thick

16 rolls of 25 bags

Chefs dream of finally been able to find a quality bag that can hold the waste without splitting

Make an enquiry and receive a free roll to trial!

EHDWhite bag

Duniform Meal Service Packaging Concept


Chem-Pack Supplies Australasia has now introduced the Duniform sealing concept which is perfect for all types of meal service requirements.

Our packaging concept will make your work easier, more effecient and gives you more opportunities to satisfy and meet high expectations for all your customer's needs.

If you are looking for better quality packaging solutions for ease of storage, transportation, presentation and food quality please do not hesitate to contact us.






Our website,, will now enable you to compare, select, order and purchase online. If you prefer a more traditional direct relationship, you can choose to continue doing business that way.  

Our team will continue to provide you with the personal service our clients have come to expect. All our clients will continue to have a dedicated Customer Support Contact to ensure consistency and compliance standard remain high.

Our fleet of delivery vehicles will also continue to deliver fast and efficient service in every major city of Australia from our Sydney Warehouse.